All our dogs and handlers are trained to a high standard, (minimum of Asset Level 2) Sia Licenced and are appropriately insured.

Often just the additional presence, to your current security measures, of a dog and handler, that are both well presented and professionally trained, acts as a major visual deterrent.

Security Dogs

The security sniffer dogsdog handler brings many advantages of additional security. Portal security’s Dog section supply trained dog handlers for a number of operational duties, such as site or venue security.

Sniffer Dogs

Our Sniffer Dogs and Handlers are Certified and Trained by a Home Office Licensed Company, to Home Office Standards.

Our Sniffer Dogs are able to detect security dogsall forms of Drugs, Explosives, Firearms and other weapons. We have both Pro-Active and Passive Sniffer Dogs available, to search people, property, places & vehicles.

We can cover both the public and private sectors alike and confidentiality is completely assured. Our presence can be either covert or overt to suit your needs and we are available 24 hours nationally as required. Our handlers are both fully vetted and CRB checked.

Our Detection Dogs & Handlers are highly trained and motivated. We are confident in our services and we can supply a live demonstration without obligation at either your premises or ours.

We can also supply or train suitable dogs on your behalf.

• Retail Outlets

• Hospitals/Medical Centres

• Construction Sites

• Holiday Parks

• Hotels

• Shopping Centres

• Housing Estates

• Car Park Security

• Events/ Festivals

Security Dogs
Security DogsProfessionally Trained Deterrent
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